Text Invader

Text Invader is a system of typographic interventions that prompts a typesetting environment to automate the aesthetic and contextual precepts outlined by Deconstructivist typographers throughout the 20th century.

I devised this method in 2011 by re-purposing the standard use of the OpenType programming panel that exists in a font editor program. The standard use of this panel is to create a set of typographic features that serve the font and hence the text. My curiosity in treating text as data prompted me to re-consider the use of OpenType programming and investigate its potential for data visualization. The system was first demonstrated at a two-day workshop held at the Graphic Design department at Bilkent University in Ankara. Ten participants utilized the Text Invader method to create a series of typographic interventions on text harvested from various sources, including the internet, newspapers, magazines, and novels.

I have subsequently been invited to give Text Invader workshops and lectures at universities in Turkey, Denmark and the United States. The last workshop took place in 2016 at the Hochschule Mainz in Germany, where visual communication students each created a series of Text Invader typefaces. Students then employed these typefaces in a series of multi-page layouts in search for semantic patterns in their chosen texts.

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Text Invader

Workshop, Bilkent University, AnkaraVideo
Workshop, Mainz University, GermanyVideo