Research Interests

As a researcher I am interested in questions regarding both Latin and Arabic typography.

My thesis at Purdue explored the evolution of the Latin script with a particular focus on sanserif typefaces. I gathered qualitative and quantitative data in order to understand the intrinsic qualities of the Latin script and the broader context of type design practice.

More recently I have turned my attention to the Arabic script and the history of Ottoman typography. This work falls into two broad categories, each with its own collaborative research project.

Working with technical methodologies, I am collaborating with Thomas Milo on comparative script grammar analysis. The goal of this project is to detect a pattern of Ottoman naskh typefaces.

Another project, also collaborative, focuses on typographic culture in the Ottoman Empire. Working with Özlem Özkal, I am interested in establishing a framework that structures and situates Turkish typography before the script reform of 1928. The final outcome of this research aims to provide a thorough understanding of typographic culture in the Ottoman Empire.

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