Duru Sans

Duru was initially designed to satisfy a personal need for setting my own course materials and handouts with particular typographic features.

I set out to create a friendly, durable, and attractive typeface that could cope with extended reading in a variety of display sizes. The typeface carries generous counters with subtle stroke modulation and optical entasis to ease the reading process. Duru was generated with a series of OpenType features, including Turkish, Moldovian and Romanian localizations. Duru Italic holds an 8° angle; its less than typical slant is compensated by the letter shapes and increased stroke modulation on the letter forms. Additionally, features like discretionary ligatures, stylistic alternates and old-style numerals were added to make the font more versatile for designers.

Duru’s first commissioned use was for the conference booklet and digital materials at the 2011 International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA). Sorkin Type and Google Web Fonts acquired the typeface soon after. In 2014 the German typography magazine Slanted published a special edition on Istanbul and set its body text and titles with Duru. More recently, Duru was featured in the The Year Book of Type published by Niggli in Switzerland.


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